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One of the application areas of Plastic Surgery is the thickening or shaping of the legs. Legs are not only organs that allow walking, but also have great aesthetic importance when we consider the body as a whole. Long and shapely legs have always been a sought after feature. Women are particularly sensitive to definitions such as crooked legs, crooked legs or garbage legs. If we exclude the pathologies arising from bony disorders and which are more of interest to orthopedics, the legs may be perceived as crooked or distorted, especially due to the disproportions in the soft tissues that make up the leg.

In men or women who have legs in this way, this situation manifests itself as an important source of stress. This situation, which leads to a disorder in body image, can negatively affect the daily life of the person. Many young women find it difficult to wear skirts because of this condition and feel reluctance and discomfort in swimming or some other sports activities where their legs are exposed.

The reason why the legs are perceived as crooked or crooked is usually due to structural differences and family reasons. Partial deficiency in muscle tissues or fat tissues, especially in the inner parts of the legs, can cause the legs to appear crooked. Sometimes, swelling of the outer part of the leg can cause the same appearance. Even if there is no structural defect in the legs, disproportionate fat deposits around the knee may make the leg feel as if there is a curvature. People often think that this image cannot be corrected. Nowadays, when access to information is easier, those who have such a problem see that this image can be corrected by Aesthetic Surgeons when they search.

What anyone with such a problem should do is to apply to a Plastic Surgeon. After the necessary examinations and tests, if the cause of the curvature or deformity in the leg is due to the disproportion in the soft tissues, attempts can be made to treat it.

Although there is no problem in the leg, the straight and regular relationship between the leg and the thigh due to fat accumulation, especially in the inner part of the knee, will be broken and the leg will appear to be aesthetically problematic. However, the problem is not in the leg, but in the accumulation of fat in the inner part of the knee. The treatment for this is the removal of excess fat in the area with the liposuction method and the straightening of the line connecting the leg and the thigh.

If there is a soft tissue deficiency in the inner part of the leg, what needs to be done here is to correct the deficiency in this area with a suitable prosthesis. Just as a small breast can be enlarged with breast prostheses, the correction of the leg can also be achieved with a prosthesis. In some cases, while fat injection solves the problem alone, sometimes it can be applied together with the prosthesis.

The bent leg or crooked leg, which is a source of stress for many young women, is a problem that can be treated with Plastic Surgery applications and a specialist should be consulted.

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