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The butt area shows a different anatomical posture in men and women. It is a desirable feature that the butt is less prominent and not wide and protruding in men. Men also apply to Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery specialists from time to time for butt aesthetics. Generally, men apply with the complaint that their butts are larger than normal and protruding. In cases where the butt is larger than normal, the removal of fat from that area with the liposuction method provides some reduction in the buttock. Women are more sensitive to butt aesthetics than men. In women, it is an important source of discomfort if the butt is smaller than normal, narrow, drooping and flat.

What we do in butt aesthetics;

  • Liposuction
  • Lipofilling
  • Silicone prostheses

Buttock aesthetic applications can be made under local, regional or general analysis. The average surgery or application process may vary between 1-3 hours. After the application, the person returns home the same day or a day later and can return to his normal life in about a week. Fat injection and silicone prosthesis applications are the most applied methods for women in butt aesthetics.

Lipofilling (fat injection) is the removal of excess fat from the oily parts of the body with the liposuction method and injecting it into the butt area. It is ensured that the butt reaches the desired size. In order to obtain a permanent result in this method, it is sometimes necessary to repeat the application with an interval of a few months.

Another method that is frequently applied in women is to bring the buttocks to the desired size and shape by using silicone prostheses. Just like in breast prostheses, there are silicone prostheses produced in the appropriate shape and size in the butt area. When used in selected patients, aesthetic and successful results are obtained with buttock prostheses. People who have aesthetic problems in the butt area should apply to Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons who have experience in this field. It should be discussed in detail with the specialist doctor and detailed information about the applications should be obtained from the doctor.

All questions that may come to mind should be asked to the doctor in detail and satisfactory answers should be obtained. It should not be forgotten that the body constitutes integrity as an aesthetic unit, and just as our nose is a complementary beauty element for our face, the butt area is a complementary beauty element in body features in women.

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