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One of the methods that can be used to increase volume and provide fullness in various parts of the face and body is fat and tissue injections. Cheeks, forehead, cheek-lip line, lips, chin, hips and legs collapsed are examples of places where this application is made.

Usually, the oil taken from the person is brought to a certain concentration by some special processes such as washing and filtering, and then it is given to the area where it will be injected with the help of thin tubes. If some other surgical procedures are to be performed on the person at the same time, the tissues obtained by these surgeries can be added to the adipose tissue and injected. Since they are tissues taken from the person himself, no undesirable effects and results are expected. In addition, since the injection is made from very small points, there is no scar at the injection site. The fats taken can be used for breast augmentation and correction of curved legs.

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